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Next Generation Manufacturer Newsletter
February 2015

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In This Issue…
Insights, best practices, how to’s, and success stories from manufacturing organizations in New England. Let us know if there’s something in particular you’d like us to cover. – Kathie Mahoney, Editor, [email protected] or 508-831-7020.


From the Desk of Jack Healy

Overcoming the Manufacturing Skills Gap
A study of manufacturing enterprises in North Central and Western Massachusetts found that 69% and 77% of manufacturers, respectively, indicate a lack of qualified job candidates as their biggest barrier to growth. The Boston Consulting Group reports, "The real problem is that companies have become too passive in recruiting and developing skilled workers at a time when U.S. education systems have moved away from a focus on manufacturing skills." Find out how things are changing in Massachusetts. Skills Gap.


Manufacturing Metrics

Advanced Manufacturing Critical to Regional Economies and National Prosperity
Advanced industries represent a sizable economic anchor for the U.S. economy and have led the post-recessions employment recovery. Modest in size, the sector packs a massive economic punch. As of 2013, the nation’s 50 advanced industries employed 12.3 million U.S. workers, about 9% of total U.S. employment. Even with this modes base, advanced industries produce $2.7 trillion in value add annually, 17% of all U.S. GDP, more than any other sector, including healthcare, finance, or real estate. Manufacturing Metrics.


Video of the Month

America’s Advanced Industries
America’s "advanced industries" stand out as a vital component for the future of the U.S. economy. Defined by their deep investment in R&D and STEM workers, these industries encompass the nation’s tech sector at its broadest and most consequential. The advanced industries create good jobs in dozens of high-value, high technology fields including auto making, medical device manufacturing, and energy generation. From the Brookings Institution. Advanced Industries.


Growth Manufacturers Case Study

Impact of MassMEP Clients on the Manufacturing Economy
MassMEP has released its latest annual report, which is an overview of the programs and results obtained by Massachusetts manufacturers as they work with MassMEP on operational excellence, workforce strategies, and innovative growth solutions. Results include 66.67% of clients saw an increase in jobs created, 70.97% saw an increase in new hires, 63.04% experienced an increase in sales, and 78.82% showed cost savings. MassMEP Annual Report.


Workforce Strategies

Sutton Student Tour Mayfield for Manufacturing Video Project
Nearly 40 students from Sutton Middle School visited Mayfield Plastics to participate in the AMP it up! Video Challenge, which required them to research the inner workings of an advanced manufacturing innovation and how it impacts the world around them. The students are challenged to bring this topic to life in a three-minute video that captures the product: how it is made, why it matters, and what it means. AMP it up!.

Soft Skills a Shortcoming of Young Professionals?
Business and education leaders in MetroWest say a so-called "soft skills gap," encompassing a lack of communication skills and business etiquette among recent college graduates, is as confounding to professional services firms as the manufacturing skills gap is to employers in that economic sector. Soft Skills.


Industry News

Submit Nominations for New England Innovation Awards by March 6
The SBANE New England Innovation Awards recognize those companies that have transformed their innovative ideas into a product or service that delivers proven value to customers. Nominees welcomed from a wide variety of companies, including technology, manufacturing, service, non-profit, and retail/distribution. Nominations are due March 6th. Innovation Awards.

Super Bowl of Manufacturing: Washington vs Massachusetts
Super Bowl XLIX, Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots, provides an interesting comparison of the teams’ states off the field. New England has a long history of manufacturing, from clothing and shoes to electronics and chemical products. Washington has a legacy of innovation in transportation (Boeing), food (Starbucks), and technology (Amazon and Microsoft). Check out this lineup. Super Bowl Manufacturing.

Bring a Product to Life Challenge
Students across Massachusetts are invited to create a video that brings a product to life using advanced manufacturing innovations. Schools will receive $30,000 in prize money, provided by the Manufacturing Futures Fund. Deadline: April 30, 2015. AMP it up! Challenge.


Job Opportunities

  • Demand Planning Analyst, Savage Arms, Westfield, MA. Submit resume.
  • Senior Buyer, Savage Arms, Westfield, MA. Submit resume.
  • Assistant Professor/Department Chair, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Boston, MA. Submit resume.
  • Retail Line Tech, 2nd Shift, Blount Fine Foods, Fall River, MA. Submit resume.
  • Machine Operator, 2nd Shift, Blount Fine Foods, Fall River, MA. Submit resume.
  • Production Planner, 1st Shift, Blount Fine Foods, Fall River, MA. Submit resume.
  • Bulk Packout Lead, 1st and 2nd Shifts, Blount Fine Foods, Warren, RI. Submit resume.


MassMEP Programs & Events
  For complete details about these programs for manufacturers, visit the MAC Events Calendar.


Partner Events


Partner Highlight
Massachusetts is home to world-class providers of everything from pharmaceuticals to jet engines., powered by Associated Industries of Massachusetts, makes it easy to search this innovation-rich landscape for customers, suppliers, and even a good restaurant. The site features thousands of products and services from every corner of Massachusetts, from computer software to candles, from biotech to basic research.


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