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Business Abounds at the National Innovation Marketplace

We all have been to the local BIG BOX STORE — Super Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s, Super Stop & Shop — in search of something we need. It’s easy.

When you walk through the store, the isles are marked by the general terminology of the products you are likely to find when you travel down the aisle. And it gets even more definitive as you cruise the aisle with signs identifying products by their form fit and function in the kiosk like bins and shelves. In a few short minutes you have identified, located, and purchased what you need. And if you should discover you can’t find it, you can put in a request and chances are it can located or ordered for you.

Now…IMAGINE a Technology SuperStore!

What if you could walk into a technology SUPERSTORE in search of a new product or service that would enable your business to grow and found clearly marked aisles of new technology offerings indentified by industry, or product and services available to license or purchase?


What if there were aisles updated daily with requests from other companies that you may be uniquely qualified to deliver?


What if there were an aisle that offered you space at no cost for your own kiosk to showcase your unique products and services for others to see and possibly purchase goods and services from you?

There is such a place, a virtual Technology SuperStore:
The National Innovation Marketplace 

The three primary objectives of the National Innovation Marketplace are:

  1. Innovation Business Opportunities – An easily accessible portal that allows you to find new technologies, patents, or trade secrets that enable new and improved products and services.
  2. Innovation Buying Requests – Find new customers or partners who have needs you can meet.
  3. Register Manufacturing Companies – One database so that you can search the national registry of manufacturers to find expertise you are looking for.

Registration in the National Innovation Marketplace is straightforward and does not cost anything.

Join Today: It’s Easy
Log onto the site www.USAInnovation.org

  1. Create a log in and password   – go to the upper left corner of the screen to create your log in. this will allow you to browse the site.
  2. To register your company and create a link to your own web site:
    1. Go to the upper right corner of the home page and click on registry
    2. Go the right side of the screen and click on create registry listing
    3. Follow the instructions to register your company

For assistance or questions regarding the use or registration on the National Innovation Marketplace contact: Greg King, [email protected] or call

National Innovation Marketplace Documents
National Innovation Marketplace Web Site
Manufacturing & Expertise Registration Form [PDF]
Innovation Buying Request Form [PDF]

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