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First Place Construction Essay
Milton P. Higgins Technical Excellence Award 2004
Nicholas Hudon, Bay Path Vocation Technical High School

Can you build a laminated countertop with a finished wood-edge from start to finish in just a few hours? I have that ability. This is just one of many skills I have acquired by attending a vocational educational school Obtaining a vocational education has prepared me for work in the real world.

When you are in shop, you learn how to communicate with fellow students and your instructors, the equivalents of your workmates and boss. Communication is a crucial part of maintaining a steady work pace. If you do not possess the quality of being a good communicator, you may not always fully understand what the task you are directed to perform is, and therefore mistakes could result. In the past this was something I struggled with a little bit. I used to be afraid to ask questions because of a fear of looking “dumb. But now if I do not fully understand the task at hand I will ask questions to ensure that I don’t make wasteful mistakes. Clear and effective communication is now a skill that I possess. Any employer in the field of cabinetry would feel the need to hire someone who posses such a skill.

In any position you have, it is important to know exactly what you are doing and to have the proper attitude toward what you are doing. I have the knowledge and attitude to get he job done. I can calculate measurements in the blink of an eye. Read a tape measure? I can do it. Add fractions and decimals? I can also do that. Covert metric to standard? Yes, I possess those abilities. In order to display the proper attitude, you must enjoy what you do. I try to always display a positive attitude and say, “I can do this,” even if I am not one hundred percent sure how to complete the task. I find that if you tell yourself you can do something, you usually get the outcome you want.

Maybe the more important part of doing a job well, is performance. IF you can perform task you’re asked to do and perform them with skill, then you become a valued employee to your employer. Your employment will last as long as your continue to perform in this manner. I am skilled in the field of cabinet and mill working, and I can perform just about any task that is thrown my way.

Any employer is looking for a reliable employee, someone who will show up everyday and show up on time. This is exactly what I do.

So, can you build a laminated countertop with a finished wood-edge in just a few hours? I can. This fact accompanied with reliability, a good attitude, good communication, calculation skills, and performance skills will get an employer’s attention and me a great job.


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