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Transforming Vision into Reality: An Action Plan

By Tom Andrellos, Director of Growth Services, MassMEP

It isn’t enough for leaders to define the vision of an organization. Today’s leaders need to actively participate in the effort to make their vision a reality. Before implementation can begin, it’s important for a leader to understand his or her role. Following is an action plan that can be adopted and facilitated to assure that the vision is getting to an organizational understanding level.

Executing vision takes commitment from people at all levels. Leaders who can breakdown the strategy that supports the vision across the organization so it’s relevant at each level (corporate, department, function, individual) help with engagement. Companies that recognize and embrace this level of collaboration strengthen their chances of success.

Embrace Change
Business strategies and processes have lifecycles. In the wake of change, success can quickly turn to failure. The need to change can come from many different avenues – from a competitor, a new market requirement, or a significant environmental shift outside of your business model. Consistently review your market position and adapt rapidly. 

Plan for Implementation
Implementing the organization’s strategies to align with the company’s vision requires an action plan. To successfully implement change you need to establish priorities, determine accountabilities for each action, identify risks, develop contingency plans, conduct stakeholders analysis, and measure / monitor / control the outcome to meet the plan.

Develop an Operating Model
An operating model is a tool used to define how the organization will implement its strategic plan into its environment. It encompasses all core work, competencies, tools, technologies, organizational structure, and processes needed to execute the company’s strategies. A strong organization understanding and alignment to the vision and strategy are critical to success.

Wrap up
By communicating successfully, embracing change, developing an implementation plan, and creating an operating model that makes sense, your organization can take your vision and transform it into a profitable, fulfilling reality.

Do you need help turning your vision into a reality?
All manufacturers have at least one element that sets them apart and can enable them to achieve success. If you haven’t yet uncovered that unique differentiator, MassMEP can help you. And if you have already discovered that element, we can work with you to turn your vision into a reality. For more information on innovative growth solutions, contact Tom Andrellos, MassMEP Director of Growth Services, at [email protected].

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