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New Product Opportunities and Meeting Stringent Military Requirements

By Kathie Mahoney, Center Director, MassMEP

"Even relatively small investments at the right juncture in technology and product development and transition can have a huge impact on commercialization results. This was clearly the case for us. Very high marks to MassMEP." – Anant Singh, Executive Vice President, Triton Systems

Triton Systems Inc., located in Chelmsford, MA, is a global product venturing and investment company that creates product-driven enterprises through a proven and proprietary stage-gate "Venture-through-Invention" process. Triton Systems nurtures innovative ideas from concept through full commercial exploitation across multiple disciplines, markets, and geographies.

The Challenge
Triton developed an adhesive technology that had the potential for multiple military applications. They needed assistance in pursuing the development of specific products while also continuing to identify new product opportunities. Triton wanted to bring specific products to a stage where the Department of Defense (DoD) prime contractors could test, validate, and approve the products.  But the products needed to meet stringent military requirements, including performance in temperature extremes, robustness, and durability under very demanding operating environments.  Triton’s technology could fill this important performance gap as current state-of-the-art materials were not able to satisfy the requirements for these mission critical applications. 

How They Made it Happen
With the assistance of MassMEP, Triton Systems was able to utilize OEA grant funds through a grant with MassDevelopment. This allowed them to hire two technical consultants with specific expertise to help with the commercialization effort. As a result, Triton was been able to bring one product development effort all the way to successful approval for implementation on a military platform, and another product to the final testing and validation phase.

MassMEP also conducted a Technology-Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI) session with Triton to identify new market applications. Triton has started initial testing to exploit those new product opportunities.

Triton is already manufacturing these products at scale and with strict quality control. They have established a network of partnerships across the entire supply chain. This has positioned Triton to deliver scaled-up products rapidly to the Department of Defense market.


Total Cost Saving Opportunities (NIST Survey) = $1,140,000 million

  • NIST Survey Cost Savings Breakdown
    • New Sales = $500,000
    • Retained Sales = $300,000
    • New P&P = $100,000
    • Cost Savings = $75,000
    • Workforce Practice = $70,000
    • Investments = $70,000
    • Plant Equipment = $25,000

New Markets
Adhesive products for Department of Defense applications.

New Products
One product already approved for use on a military platform.  Another product under testing and validation by a DoD Prime. Additional opportunities identified; initial testing underway at Triton.

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