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MassMEP Launches New Mechanical Systems Skills Training, Graduates First Class

By John Killam, President, MassMEP

MassMEP’s Mechanical Systems Skills Training provides comprehensive training in mechanical power transmission for the shop floor. The training features hands-on work with robust, stand-alone, mobile training stations. Industrial-strength components — bearings, belt drives, chain drives, gear drives, and more — are housed in a heavy-duty mobile framework with a customized modular drawer storage system. The classroom learning and the bench work hand-in-hand.

"The new training was designed to address the lack of mechanical skills in manufacturing," stated John Killam, President MassMEP. "This type of introduction to the operating principles of power transmission is the most effective way — based on skills-based training using the same industrial-strength components used in a factory environment. We are thankful to the funding from the Baker-Polito Administration, through a Massachusetts Skills Capital Grant, to purchase the equipment."

Eight people participated the first class. Will Lyon from Epic Polymer Solutions in Northboro has a background as a motorcycle mechanic, so this particular exercise was easy for him, but he says he really enjoyed being able to use brand new tools and parts. His co-worker, Michael Ducasse, shared, "Even though this course was pretty easy for us, we did find that some of the components on the work bench were not aligned properly. The fact that things were not perfect and we had to trouble shoot made it more like what you come up against on the job so we still got a lot out of it!"

Rick Gemme, Manufacturing Operations Supervisor from Bose Corporation, mentioned that in the past they would send one person to a class like this and then that person would come back and share knowledge with the group. His company runs three shifts and everyone does things their own way. Sending each person to the class helps them standardize procedures and ensure the same focus.

For more details, see the Mechanical System Skills Training brochure.

The next class starts March 5, 2023 and will be offered two days a week, three house per day for four weeks. For more information, please contact Leslie Parady at [email protected] or 508-831-7020 ext. 21.

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