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ISO Certification Produces Growth for Electro-Mechanical Technology

By Kathie Mahoney, Marketing and Administration Director, MassMEP

Electro-Mechanical Technology (EMT) is a small, contract manufacturer located in Hudson, MA. They provide quick-turn, precision Printed Circuit Board Assemblies, Cable and Harness Assemblies, complete Box-Builds, Testing and Design to area suppliers. EMT’s President, Peter Mongeau, met MassMEP at a networking event. After speaking with Tom Andrellos, MassMEP Business Growth Advisor, regarding the services of MassMEP, EMT chose MassMEP and their partner Exolytic, Inc. to conduct their ISO certification training program.

Peter had facilitated several ISO certifications at previous companies but was skeptical about the time involved and the impact on production for his small company. However, he understood how important ISO certification was to the future growth of EMT. MassMEP’s quality systems programs are different; they are sensitive to the needs of manufacturers of all sizes. In the end, Mongreau was impressed with the impact the training program had on the productivity of EMT. All 12 employees were involved in the process, yet he did not have to stop production during the training process.

ISO = Trust
As a result of the ISO training and meeting the quality standards of new suppliers, EMT anticipates an 8% increase in sales this fiscal year. In addition, the ISO certification provides their customers with the trust that "they are doing what they are saying and saying what they are doing."

Customer satisfaction has always been a top priority at EMT, as such, they strategically handle the growth of the company to ensure customer satisfaction is never compromised. EMT’s top priority goes to existing customers and then new customers. They only take on additional work if they can successfully complete the order without impacting existing customer work flow.

EMT’s mission is to provide customers with a valued product and grow the business accordingly. With this mission always at the forefront, they anticipate growing the business by 25% within the next 5 years. In addition to the growth, they will be able to retain the 10% of their existing business that requires ISO certification.

ISO = Growth
As a result of the ISO certification and promotion surrounding its receipt, EMT has experienced a number of successes. The common thread among all these experiences is they happened because EMT became ISO certified and were able to provide the quality assurance needed by their customers.

Growth prospects for the company are strong. ISO certification has opened up opportunities for them to quote for future business and the potential is now limitless for the company. For example, they had been trying to be a supplier to Bose. Now that they are ISO certified, they are able to bid on several project and are even building prototype boards for Bose Corporation that, if successful, will result in additional work for EMT.

Another potential client is Curadel LLC of Marlboro, MA, a medical equipment startup. The medical device industry is a whole new industry for EMT to pursue. In general, they are able to quote many projects that were not available to them last year.

As a result of these additional opportunities, EMT anticipates hiring more employees by January, as the new business comes in. EMT is always strategically thinking about the future of the company and its impact on existing customer. With the partnership of their sister company, Plastic Molding, the vertical integration of the two companies provides the most value to their customers. The future looks very bright for EMT.

About Electro-Mechanical Technology
EMT’s manufacturing and engineering teams provide OEMs with precision PC Board Assembly, Testing, Cable Assembly, and Box-Build services. The company’s efficient US-based contract manufacturing leads to shorter time-to-market and lower costs for PCB assembly programs.

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