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The MACWIC and ToolingU Collaborate to Create "Curriculum Crosswalk" for Educators

The MassMEP’s Manufacturing Advancement Center Workforce Innovative Collaborative (MACWIC) is proud to announce it has joined forces with ToolingU to create a MACWIC credential curriculum crosswalk for machine technology educators.  This crosswalk was designed as an easy-to-follow reference guide for schools utilizing both the ToolingU curriculum as well as the MACWIC Applied Manufacturing Technology Pathway Certification credential.  The various links provided in the ToolingU – MACWIC Curriculum Crosswalk for Educators will enable the participating schools to connect directly with the ToolingU class that most closely correlates to the various basic competency areas covered in the MACWIC Pathway Certification.

The MACWIC credential, an industry developed and recognized competency validation tool, fully aligned with the Massacusetts Vocational Technical Education frameworks, is available to every Chapter 74 school in the Commonwealth with a machine technology track.  Currently, approximately 80% of these schools have already chosen to benefit from the MACWIC credential tests and associated curriculum tools, all of which are provided free of charge as part of a state-wide initiative with MassDevelopment.  

Similar to the genesis behind the MACWIC, the MACWIC Curriculum Crosswalk for Educators, is a resource requested by the companies and schools currently utilizing ToolingU. As a partner with the schools, MACWIC took on the initiative to develop the Curriculum Crosswalk.

"I utilize the ToolingU curriculum in my classroom, and I have my students utilize the MACWIC credential test. This new Curriculum Crosswalk enables me to quickly determine which ToolingU classes cover the same basic competencies that the MACWIC credential tests for. This is especially helpful from a time perspective – the comparison part of the legwork has been done for me." – David Somerville, Machine Tool Technology Instructor, Essex Technical High School

If your school is not yet testing for the MACWIC Pathway Certification credential, please contact Wendy Storm, MACWIC Vocational Coordinator, for more information and/or to schedule a time to discuss. She can be reached via email [email protected] or by phone 508-831-7020 ext. 17.

If you would like to learn more about ToolingU and how they may be able to enhance your current curriculum, please contact ToolingU by phone: 866-706-8665 or complete the form at http://www.toolingu.com/rfq.aspx