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Phillips Precision Intros Pneumatic Vise for CMM Inspection

Phillips Precision’s Products Division introduces the Rapid-Loc™ pneumatic vise for CMM Inspection.  Designed to take advantage of the air at your CMM, the soft jaws of the Rapid-Loc vise can be customized to hold most any part. Regulated air pressure can produce just enough clamping force to hold delicate parts or as much as 150-lbs if needed. Mount Rapid-Loc™ vises on Inspection Arsenal™ Loc-N-Load™ quick-swap fixture plates for fast, accurate, and highly repeatable setups that help break inspection bottlenecks. Rapid-Loc can also be mounted on existing CMM breadboards.

The black anodized, aluminum Rapid-Loc pneumatic vise is currently available with a 2.5" x 3.5" footprint, .06" travel, 150-lbs of force and comes with 1 set of machinable aluminum soft jaws.  Secure Rapid-Loc with standard or metric thread screws. A smaller vise is under development and will be released for production later this spring. 

Order the Rapid-Loc vise body and add your own fittings and soft jaws or order the vise fully assembled with fittings, valves, and tubing – even mounted on a Loc-N-Load plate sized per your job. Add multiple Rapid-Loc pneumatic vises per fixture plate with soft jaws machined to hold one part or multiple parts per vise.

When you send Phillips Precision electronic part files the company will send a custom, turn-key Rapid-Loc pneumatic fixture ready for work.

All products designed for Inspection Arsenal are ready-made, affordable and effective, and proudly made in the USA. All items are currently available direct from the manufacturer with a 2-day shipping policy and a 100% money back guarantee.

For additional information, contact Phillips Precision Products Division at 508-869-0373 or go to www.fixture-up.com. You’ll also find demo videos that show just how fast and easy all other Inspection Arsenal components are to use.

About Phillips Precision, Inc.

Phillips Precision, Inc.’s Products Division of Boylston, Mass. designs, develops, and markets work-holding products for manufacturing. Patents Pending.