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Job Opportunities

Made-to-Print / Technical Service Manager, Atlantic Fasteners, W. Springfield, MA.

Atlantic Fasteners, a 100% Employee Owned company, is looking to replace our long-time technical services manager who retired recently. We’re a 33-year-old firm selling industrial and aerospace fasteners, among other industrial supplies.

We have a generous benefit package that includes profit sharing, company paid long term disability and life insurance, health insurance, a 125 flexible spending plan, tuition reimbursement, and a 401k plan with company match.

Responsible for providing our customers and staff with application engineering, small part/fastener design support, troubleshooting, assembly process review and re-engineering, and new product development. This position reports to the VP Sales, John Kraus.

Ideal Candidate

  1. Mechanical engineer, machinist, or mechanic with hands-on fastener experience:
    a)   Likes to repair or build cars, motorcycles, houses, planes, boats, or the like
    b)   Enjoys troubleshooting — specifically, breaking fastener heads; galling threads; plating problems; substitutions; application suggestions; screws not tapping into holes correctly; metrics; torquing; materials; and Rockwell hardness
    c)   Can read blueprints & operate testing/measuring equipment

  2. Thoroughly informed about IFI, DIN, and ASTM specifications and current fastening techniques.

  3. Full knowledge of fastener/small part manufacturing techniques, including equipment such as Swiss screw machines, Davenports, and cold headers.

  4. Diplomat who can deal with engineers and maintenance people alike.

  5. Skilled in application engineering, small part/fastener design support, fabrication, assembly, and new product development.

  6. Willing to conduct technical training seminars for customers and Atlantic personnel.

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