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Letter to the Editor

Eye-Opening Opportunities in Manufacturing

February 2014, MACWIC held a conference with area businesses, educators, and students in attendance. The conference announced the Curriculum in a Box, Learn CNC online tool, and showcased the opportunities for a career in manufacturing. The students from Assabet High School were asked to write about the experience at the event and below is one of the many letters received by MACWIC.



I would like to thank you for inviting the students of Assabet to WPI (to hear about the $2.5M in-kind grant to MA vocational high schools). I felt that the presentation opened my eyes to how much potential there is for me to move forward into a career in the manufacturing industry. I enjoyed how everything each of you said had to do with the future of the students. It was very reassuring to me that this is the career pathway I would like to take. There are so many things you can do in this trade. It is eye opening to see there are so many opportunities all around me, and that I can be as successful as anyone else. Thank you again for the opportunity to attend your well put together conference.


Renee’s letter was one of 23 sent by Assabet students following the MACWIC’s 2nd Anniversary Meeting on February 12th.