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From the Desk of Jack Healy

MASSMEP is Giving Away Two New Web Sites

Jack Healy – The voice of manufacturing in Massachusetts
Jack Healy –
The Voice of Manufacturing in Massachusetts

By Jack Healy, Director of Operations, MassMEP [email protected]

Due to the strong influence of the Web, 70-90% of the business purchase process happens before sales people get involved. Does your web site help customers or turn them away? Does it do your company justice?

Complete the survey below and your company could have a new web site this year! Deadline for submission is May 31.

MassMEP is looking for two manufacturing companies to pilot their new Web Connections project. Developed by MassMEP and Telesian Technology, the program is specifically for manufacturers. It is designed to strengthen your marketing and sales program: brand recognition among current and prospective customers, messaging that differentiates you from your competitors, and lead generation.

This is your chance to receive a state-of-the-art web site…and we’ll fund it! We just need a little help from you:

  • An initial interview with the MassMEP and Telesian team where we review the project and process, and gather information about your company and your products/services,
  • Your existing marketing/sales materials,
  • Review and feedback on the web site as it’s developed.

NOTE: You get final approval on the site before it goes live.

What you will receive:

  • A web site that will build your brand awareness with new and existing customers, and communicate a cohesive message about your products and services.
  • Ability to update your site content in-house – no programming knowledge required.
  • We pay all development costs for the two manufacturing companies chosen, including the first year’s hosting fee.

To apply, email [email protected] with your answers to the following questions:


Name:        ________________________________________________________
Title:           ________________________________________________________
Company:   ________________________________________________________
E-mail:        ________________________________________________________
Phone:        ________________________________________________________

If you have an existing web site, please provide URL: http://_______________________

Who on your staff is responsible for marketing? Provide name and title:

Who on your staff is responsible for sales? Provide name and title:

Do you have existing marketing materials? Check all that apply:
___ Company brochure or presentation
___ Product information / data sheets
___ Product images
___ Company or product videos
___ Customer success stories
___ How to articles / tutorials
___ Other

Describe the kind of customers you sell to:

Are you looking to reach new customers or market segments? Please describe:

Email to: [email protected]


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