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Supply Chain

Find Your Way to GSA

By Michael E. Robinson, Defense Logistics Manager, MassMEP, [email protected]

Many businesses have discovered that having a GSA Supply Schedule Contract is a very effective way to sell to customers throughout the Federal Government. What is not as widely known is that state government, universities, and a host of other entities can utilize the Schedule to procure goods and services. So, what is a GSA Schedule Contract, anyway?

The GSA Schedule Contract actually enters the recipient into the Federal Supply Service as a vendor. The proposal process is arduous, with a hefty amount of paperwork to complete. But once completed, if accepted by the GSA, then a contracting vehicle exists and any authorized buyer can just place an order for the product you have listed in the contract. The price, delivery, and terms and conditions are all pre-negotiated, simplifying the acquisition process for the buying entity. From the sellers’ point of view, you propose and negotiate once, and hopefully, sell many times.

To begin the process, you first have to determine which schedule your product or service fits. To do that I suggest you begin at Toward the bottom of the page there is a section of “Key Topics.” One of these is the GSA Schedules. That will open a page that begins to guide you through the process. There is also a topic on Schedule Training. Note that training is offered monthly in Boston. I have attended a workshop and can attest to the excellence of the training.

Finally, after you have looked into this and feel you need some personalized attention, feel free to contact your MassMEP Project Manager, or me, at (413) 628-4538. I can also be reached by e-mail at [email protected]


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