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Managing for Growth Based on the Writings of Peter Drucker

 Contributing to Growth

By Matt Edison, COO Diamond-Roltran, LLC

 “Our people are what makes our company great” goes the usual line from most company home pages.  Yet most supervisors, manager and corner office executives have very few conversations about “human relations”.  Focusing on contribution has the unique ability to grow a company and solve the seemingly intractable problem of “human relations” in one fell swoop.

There are four basic requirements of effective human relations; communication, teamwork, self-development and the development of others.  When conversations take place throughout a company focused on making contributions for the success and growth of the company, all four human relations requirements will be met and the company will very likely grow as well.

The three areas of performance essential to success are direct results, building and affirming values and developing people.  Direct results are achieved when everyone’s performance is aligned with common goals and objectives.  An essential element to direct results is putting everyone on the same page with the process, its measurements, the desired performance and the results.  Communicating the need for contribution and the team’s performance in pursuit of that contribution helps to create a team and helps develop team members.

When each employee asks the question “what can I do that no one else can do that, if done really well, will make a lasting contribution to the performance and growth of the company?” the employee indirectly asks “how can I best make a contribution to the team?”  Teams work best when each person focuses on their strength in relation to others on their team in pursuit of a common goal.  This concept works very well in visible displays of teamwork like football, soccer or basketball and works equally as well in “less athletic” organizations.  Focusing on contribution builds teamwork.
Each organization has a set of values, some created on purpose and most by default. 

When an organization focuses on contribution it enables the creation of a set of values that are outwardly focused much like having everyone thinking “will our customers accept my performance?”  When employees understand that only customers decide when efforts translate into results then obstacles to performance melt away and a culture focused on making contributions to customer satisfaction will be installed in its place.

When each individual focuses on his contribution and his performance he not only contributes to the success and growth of the organization he also raises the sights and standards for everyone he works with.  This in turn has the ripple effect of inspiring others to develop themselves and to better their teamwork.

An organization focused on making contributions towards their overall goals and objectives solves the sometimes difficult to comprehend objective of “human relations” and has the added benefit of delivering performance and growth.  Growth begins and ends with a focus on contribution.

Three areas of performance: Direct results, Building of values and their reaffirmation, Building and developing people for tomorrow. 

The executive who sets his sights on contribution raises the sights and standard of everyone with whom he works.

Managing for Growth Based on the Writings of Peter Drucker is a new series of articles written by Matt Edison for the Next Generation Manufacturing Newsletter. He will continue to write articles based on his reading of Peter Drucker. Matt is the Chief Operating Officer at Diamond-Roltran, LLC.

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