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Lean 102 with TimeWise Simulation

The manufacturing economy is thriving, business is great, and so is global competition. Companies who can deliver a top quality product in the shortest time win the competition. Today’s best practice is Lean Manufacturing, a management philosophy with a focus on waste elimination to reduce production lead time, production costs, and improve product quality.

Contrary to popular belief, Lean principals work very well in the “job shop” environment. Workplace organization (5S), POUS, Cellular Manufacturing, Pull/Kanban, and other Lean tools all have a place in the make-to-order environment.

Experience first hand, Lean being applied in the low volume, high variety shop. Come to our Lean 102 with TimeWise Job Shop and be part of a team that transforms TimeWise Inc. from a traditional, non-performing disaster to a world class Lean Manufacturing enterprise. Based on the famous Toyota Production System, Lean can make you a winner in global competition.

Who Will Benefit

Company Presidents, senior managers, managers, supervisors, leaders and shop floor manufacturing and personnel tasked with the evolution to Lean Manufacturing.

Program Agenda

  • Learn the step-by-step evolution from functional/push manufacturing to lean manufacturing
  • Run a simulated manufacturing operation producing clocks utilizing conventional methodologies and experience the related operational problems
  • Measure and record the operating data for comparison later
  • Learn Lean Concepts in a step-by-step method and then with the rest of the team, redesign the original factory simulation
  • Rerun the simulated factory operation and collect the appropriate data for comparison
  • Learn about cellular manufacturing, Pull/Kanban, FIFO lanes, 5S, and redesign the simulation again, using these and other concepts
  • Rerun the factory simulation and collect the appropriate data for comparison to the previous iterations

Program Presenter

Certified MEP Lean Implementers

Fees: $250 per person, a limit of 3 persons per Company for this Workshop. 

The Workshop is scheduled for 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Lunch is not provided.

  Registration details:

  November 9, 2023 November 10, 2023
PRD 567-92 PRD 567-91
800 Purchase Street 139 S. Main Street
New Bedford, MA Fall River, MA
Contact: Maria 508 990 1160 Contact: Dennis 508 678 3636

For Further information regarding the workshop contact, MassMEP, Rick Bowie at (508) 679-2146 or [email protected].


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