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Beyond Lean

Marketing vs. Market Research

By Michael E. Robinson, Defense Logistics Manager, MassMEP, [email protected]

Many people have an ingrained definition of marketing that encompasses advertising, promotions, television commercials, and direct mail. But in the government world, the term marketing is often omitted in favor of marketing research.

Chasing prospects without sound market research-based intelligence can waste limited resources. Capturing opportunities matched to your company’s core competencies generates real revenue. We all know this, but how many of us take the time in our demanding business life to pause and evaluate the markets we choose to pursue.

Let us look at the Department of Defense. Do you know what agencies comprise the Department of Defense? Do you have a clear understanding of these agencies’ mission; enough so, that you and your company can develop an effective value proposition, with the result of obtaining the target agency’s business?

Many of us back away from pursuing DoD business because of perceived difficulties of size and complexity. But did you know that the average order value of the Defense Supply Center Columbus is $3,500? That is not so big. It is also not as complex as it may seem. Bidding on the Internet is about as easy as bidding on e-Bay. So what prevents us from trying?

There is an anxiety surrounding the first bid with the Department of Defense. There is an expectation of frustration, forms, red tape, and long periods of no communication, with sudden bursts of unreasonable requirements, followed by a long wait to get paid. This is a medley of the most common reasons that most small business personnel avoid DoD contracting.

But the DoD is changing. There is a real interest in contracting with small businesses, particularly those meeting legislated small business socioeconomic goals, such as businesses located in HUB Zones or owned by service-connected-disabled veterans. The key to success in contracting is to DO YOUR RESEARCH. Know where to go to look at opportunities daily. Know the mission of the agency within DoD you are targeting for your sales effort. Know if they are meeting their socioeconomic goals. Know if they are meeting their operational goals. Know how you can help! Know where you can get help!

The MassMEP is providing assistance in this kind of research through its SupplyPoint program. There is no cost for the help, but you do have to be registered. To get help in doing the market research, you can attend a Making $ense of Defense seminar (the dates are available on the MassMEP web site, under Events), or contact the MassMEP directly at (508) 831-7020.


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