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Workforce Development

STEMPower – New Telementoring Program

By: Lisa Derby Oden, STEM Project Director

STEMPower, the Mid-Massachusetts STEM Pathways Initiative, works collaboratively with a broad cross-section of businesses, community-based organizations and education and training partners to reach its goal of increasing the pipeline of displaced workers, veterans, and disadvantaged youth into STEM careers.

On June 5, STEMPower participated in the 3rd Annual STEM Expo held as part of the MA State Middle School Science and Engineering Fair at Worcester Technical High School. Over 500 students, parents, teachers and STEM professionals from across Massachusetts attended the event to learn about what these companies and organizations do and the careers they offer, and the education pathways to get there.

Science Fair participation was up this year – from 220 youth to 295 – a significant one year increase! MassMEP, Intel, Natick Labs, Foresight Project, Mass-TEC, UMASS Medical School, EcoTarium, EMC, KnowAtom, and Optical Society of America were all represented.

STEMPower offered STEM Jeopardy and some of our questions follow. Test your own STEM knowledge – can you answer these? (answers are at the end)

1) Name a type of STEM occupation that requires a 1 or 2-year degree or certificate?
2) What Bedford robotics company is monitoring data related to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill?
3) Of the following apprenticeship programs, which fall under the STEM umbrella?                  

a) carpenter  b) electrician  c) heavy equipment operating engineer    d) machinist

4) What animal can see in infrared and ultraviolet: a) bat   b) goldfish  c) cat   d) snake

5) What MA inventor was a founding member of National Geographic Foundation?

New Telementoring Program
STEMPower’s jobseekers also let us know how important it is for them to know as much about employers and industry as possible. In order for us to provide that information to them as directly as possible, we are starting a telementoring program. The mentor will agree to spend 30 minutes a month on a conference call with jobseekers interested in the skill sets and the industry that the mentor will talk about. This format allows the jobseekers to ask specific questions and the mentors to provide great value with a minimal time commitment. If you are interested in being a mentor for this initiative, or have additional questions, contact Lisa Derby Oden.

To learn how to become involved in the program as an employer, mentor, advisory council member, or on, contact STEM Project Director, Lisa Derby Oden, at 508-751-7575 or [email protected]. Mid-Massachusetts STEM Pathways Initiative is sponsored in part by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. The program is an equal opportunity program.

Answers to the quiz questions:

1. Energy auditor, biotech lab technician, manufacturing technician, lab animal technician area few
2. iRobot
3. All of them
4. snake
5. Alexander Graham Bell

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