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VIBCO Introduces New “XL Bertha” DC-5000 Dumpbody Truck Vibrator
The new VIBCO XL Bertha™ DC-5000 vibrator is ideal for use on the tri-axel “coal bucket” style dump trucks typically used to haul fly ash and coal.  It is also ideal for use on large dump trucks and trailers, or when hauling particularly stubborn or sticky material.  With 5000 lbs of force, the VIBCO “XL Bertha” is the most powerful dumpbody vibrator on the market.
VIBCO Vibrators (www.vibco.com) announces the new XL Bertha™ 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC-5000 dump body vibrator.  Material haulers have long relied on VIBCO “Bertha” Made in the USA truck vibrators for faster, cleaner empties of sticky, stubborn material without damage to breaks, tailgates and hoists.  With 5000 lbs of force and 4000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), the XL Bertha™ DC-5000 is ideal for use on the tri-axel “coal bucket” style dump trucks typically used to haul fly ash and coal.

“The feedback from the field has been outstanding,” says Karl Wadensten,VIBCO President.  “We developed the XL Bertha™ DC-5000 in response to the specific needs of fly ash and coal haulers, but anyone with a larger dump body or with severe sticking problems will love this addition to the family of VIBCO Bertha dumpbody vibrators.”

Like all VIBCO “Bertha” truck vibrators, the XL Bertha™ DC-5000 is in stock and available to ship same or next day. It comes complete with a mounting kit, wiring kit, push button switch, solenoid, and circuit breaker for easy, error-free installation. Stainless steel and alumnimum mounting kits including channel iron are also available. VIBCO offers a free Virtual Van Visit™ program to maximize performance and take all the guesswork out of vibrator placement and orientation.

The VIBCO XL Bertha is sold through distribution and retails for around $900.00 US.

About VIBCO’s line of Bertha™ Dumpbody Vibrators

VIBCO Vibrators manufactures a complete line of “Bertha” dumpbody vibrators including the Big Bertha™ DC-3500 12 Volt or 24 Volt Vibrator, the Air Bertha™ 55-3AB air-powered (pneumatic) vibrator, and the Hydra Bertha™ HLF-3500 hydraulic vibrator. All VIBCO Bertha Dump Body Vibrators are available as complete kits with force settings appropriate for any size or style truck bed. Made in the USA. Learn more about VIBCO’s Dumpbody Vibrators

About VIBCO Vibrators

Founded in 1962, VIBCO Vibrators designs, manufacturers and markets acomprehensive range of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic vibrators forconstruction and industrial use. VIBCO Vibrators also designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of vibratory plate compactors and rollers. All standard VIBCO products are available from stock same or next day and the company is committed to quality, throughput and innovation. VIBCO Vibrators is headquartered in Wyoming, RI, USA.


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