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Workforce Development

STEM Initiatives

By: Lisa Derby Oden, STEM Project Coordinator

STEMPower, the Mid-Massachusetts STEM Pathways Initiative, has actively been serving dislocated workers, disadvantaged youth and veterans beginning in early 2009. With a full year under its belt, this three year US Dept. of Labor grant program is making great strides has served 175 participants. Some have completed the program and found employment. Many are still in the program working on completing training, gaining new insight from mentors, and benefitting from STEM-related career coaching. Some of the total three-year projected enrollments and outcomes as established in the proposal are:

  1. 1200 youth will learn about Science-Based-Manufacturing (S-B-M) careers through the STEM Pathways Experience

Through Q4 2009 STEMPower has reached 1219 total, 964 youth and 255 adults, with TEM career awareness and pathways experiences. Youth activities include MASSMEP’s Mobile Training Unit Outreach Program, Career Fairs with STEM professionals, and dual enrollment in STEM courses. Adult activities include STEM Career Orientation workshops and Green Career workshops.

  1. 80 individuals will enroll in certificate-granting training programs

Through Q4 2009 STEMPower has enrolled 112 in education/training activities and 106 have
completed the training and received a certificate. Examples of certificates earned include
Photovoltaics, Manufacturing Operator Skills Training, HVAC, AutoCad, Biomanufacturing,
Lean Six Sigma, Network Specialist

  1. 100 individuals will enroll in work-based training programs

Fifteen individuals have completed work-based training programs.

  1. 122 entering employment with 119 employed in S-B-M occupation

Twenty one participants have entered employment and they are all in an S-B-M occupation. Examples of jobs found include Lathe and Turning Machine Tool Setters and Operators, First Line Production Supervisor, Billing Cost and Rate Clerk, Agriculture and Food Science Technician, Computer and IS Manager, Engineer, Extruding and Drawing Machine Setter and Operator, Electrical Power Line Installers and Repairers.

  1. $14.00 per hour average earnings

Program completers are earning an average of $20.38 per hour.

As STEMPower moves into its next phase, additional metrics include:

  1. 66 high school students will enroll in S-B-M programs at technical high schools
  2. 44 individuals will work toward AS or BS degrees
  3. 104 retained in employment
  4. 25 receiving promotion or wage gain
  5. 85 youth literacy/numeracy gains

These will be reported on as we gain momentum.

Services provided to jobseekers in transition include STEM career counseling, assessment for training gaps, recommendations for training providers, potential funding from One-Stop Career Centers depending on eligibility, referral to financial aid sources, STEM industry mentors, assistance with job search and interviewing skills, and an online community at

To learn how to become involved in the program as an employer, mentor, advisory council member, or on, contact STEM Project Director, Lisa Derby Oden, at 508-751-7575 or [email protected]. Mid-Massachusetts STEM Pathways Initiative is sponsored in part by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. The program is an equal opportunity program.

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