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STEM Initiatives on

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), the Mid-Massachusetts STEM Pathways Initiative Center of Excellence, provides a gateway for manufacturing for the Mid-Massachusetts region. The following features are available free for manufacturers:

  1. Job postings – If you have positions you want to fill, we can post them for you. We need the job title, company name, company location, company web site address. We’ll post the ad for two weeks. You can choose to renew the ad at the end of the two weeks by contacting us to let us know.
  2. Featured job – We need the same information as above, but also need a job description in the following format: Job title, hours/week, rate of pay, one paragraph summary of your company, job description, duties, and contact information for job applicants.
  3. Review job seekers – Job seekers will be filling out their professional profiles on the site and including job objectives. You can review these at any time.
  4. Learn about grant opportunities for workforce development and employer partnership initiatives. These opportunities often involve employers that would like to shape training for future employees, and sometimes involve training available for incumbent workers.
  5. Establish a group for work projects, professional associations, or ad hoc work-related activities. The group can function on the website either publicly or privately, and you have the ability to run discussions, blog, email blasts, calendar, and photo gallery, all within your group.

Contact Lisa Derby Oden, STEM Project Director, at [email protected] or (508) 751-7575, to take advantage of the STEMPower gateway for manufacturing.

STEMPower (Mid-Massachusetts STEM Pathways Initiative) is sponsored in part by the US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. The program is an equal opportunity program.

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