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MassMEP Partners with WPI Faculty to Help Companies Learn More About China

A three-person WPI faculty team (Prof. Amy Zeng of Management, Prof. Kevin Rong of Mechanical Engineering, and Prof. Jennifer Rudolf of Humanity and Arts) recently received a two-year grant from the Business and International Education Program of the US Dept of Education to establish a US-China Link at WPI. MassMEP is the industry partner of this faculty team, and together the two partners will engage the local business community in a joint effort to explore business opportunities and/or succeed in their ventures in China.

Specifically, MassMEP will work with the WPI team to

  1. Provide education and training activities that will contribute to the ability of local companies to prosper and succeed in a global economy;
  2. Collaborate to design workshops/seminars on “doing business in China” that cater to the needs and interests of the local business community;
  3. Facilitate the local companies to expand and enhance their business competitiveness through the China Senior Project Center to improve their current practices, explore new business expansion avenues in China, and prepare new generation of workforce with expanded and new global skills.

In addition, the WPI team will host an annual conference on China at WPI in early June 2010, which will provide a forum for information and idea exchange for WPI students and faculty, the New England business community, local Chinese trading and business associations, and those directly from China.

Currently, a survey is being conducted of manufacturers regarding China. Please take a few minutes to take the survey here:

US-China Link Survey

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