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Mobile Outreach Skills Training (M.O.S.T.) in Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing in Massachusetts is alive and well and undergoing a radical transformation process. Traditional manufacturing has seen its share of job losses, but advanced manufacturing is on the upswing and poised for resurgence as the economy picks up and renewable energy products begin production. Advanced manufacturing requires a highly skilled, computer literate workforce to produce innovative, complex products.

At some point the economy will turn around and companies will once again be looking forward, focusing on skills, not solely on sales.

MassMEP’s Mobile Outreach Skills Training┬« (M.O.S.T.) program trains people, with little or no prior manufacturing experience, in the basics of manufacturing operations in a fraction of the time of traditional programs. M.O.S.T.┬« is designed to address the critical need for qualified manufacturing employees. The training can be applied to new hires, as well as incumbent employees to advance their existing skills.

Training is a 2 week (80 hours), "fast track" program and includes: shop safety procedures, basic shop mathematical skills, basic blueprint use, orientation to GD&T, use of precision measurement tools, CNC milling technology, CNC turning technology, and orientation to CNC programming.

Graduates receive a MA Department of Apprentice Training pre-apprentice certificate and are eligible for 3 elective credits at Quinsigamond Community College. They are prepared to continue their training in a company sponsored On-the-Job Training (OJT) program, where trainees apply the new skills on the shop floor.

M.O.S.T.┬« uses a state-of-the-art Mobile Training Unit (MTU), located at the employer’s facility or at a convenient location for trainees. The MTU is self contained, promoting team building in a unique environment. Specific skills instruction can be customized to suit the individual company’s unique requirements, equipment, and products.

Call MassMEP at 508-831-7020 for a one on one consultation to assess your specific needs and enroll your company into the program.

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