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Mass Company Takes a Spin at Going Green

New England Cable News
March 21, 2023

Mark Richey Woodworking received a Large Onsite Renewables Initiative (LORI) grant through the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust that partially paid for the installation of a 600 KW wind turbine generator. Newburyport Mayor John Moak and Massachusetts Representative Mike Costello have been extremely supportive of this project and instrumental in bringing it to fruition.

Wind Turbine Generator
Our green initiatives not only protect the environment, but they help cut energy costs – a savings that we pass on to our customers.

Our 600KW wind turbine stands tall on the Newburyport skyline, adding elegance and grace.

Inspection of Wind Turbine at the Factory
Mark and Teresa Richey went to India in September to inspect our wind tubine generator at the Elecon manufacturing plant. See photos

How the Wind Turbine Works
Wind power uses the force of the wind to drive a turbine that produces electricity. The wind turbine is connected to the electricity grid, thereby allowing excess energy to flow back to the electric company. It can replace high-cost fuels like natural gas. The 600 KW wind turbine we plan to use is especially suited for displacing high cost power at manufacturing, educational, municipal water treatment, and agricultural facilities.

Benefits of Renewable Energy

  • Cleaner Energy
  • Reduces harmful air pollutants from power plants
  • Protects natural areas from mining and oil drilling
  • Reduces water pollution
  • Does not disturb ongoing agricultural or forestry operations
  • Produces zero emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses
  • Can replace sources with high greenhouse gas emissions 

Myths and Facts about Wind Turbines
Modern wind turbines are quieter than earlier models. They turn more slowly, which reduces noise to a low level "swishing" sound and also decreases the threats to birds. A recent study by British researchers indicated that even wind farms with many turbines have almost no impact on the birds living in that area. See the Myth vs. Fact Sheet


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