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NH Job Corps Center Training Proposed, Focus on High Demand Jobs

New Hampshire’s $35 million Job Corps Center will focus on training students in high-demand jobs for Homeland Security, Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, and Hospitality careers.

At a recent meeting with officials from the Regional Office of Job Corps, members of the state Job Corps Task Force and local and statewide employers proposed the career technical training courses to be offered at the nation’s newest job training academy in Manchester. The center is expected to open in September 2010 for up to 350 students.

Dick Anagnost, Chair of the task force, said approval of the suggested training courses is expected within 90 days and will allow design of the NH Job Corps Center to move forward.

Both core and advanced training is being proposed, said Anagnost, with courses being taught both on-campus and at businesses and schools in the area, including the Manchester Community College.

Homeland Security offerings include a basic security officer course with career ladder tracks for emergency medical technicians, protective service officers, law enforcement and emergency services.

Healthcare courses include clinical medical assistant and medical administrative services with career tracks for licensed practical nurses and registered nurses.

Advanced manufacturing will include training for computer aided machine operations and advanced automation and robotics.

Tourism and Hospitality training will include culinary arts training, hotel administration, and courses designed to maintain facilities and grounds, including golf courses, ski areas, and other "green collar" jobs tailored for environmental careers.

Anagnost said the task force has been working with dozens of employers and several statewide associations to arrange on-the-job training and part-time employment opportunities to introduce Job Corps students into actual work environments.

"Employers throughout New Hampshire want to participate in the Job Corps experience, and it’s been very encouraging to select high-demand career paths for training and have a wide array of private business partnerships to help develop the training," said Anagnost.

Openings Still Exist for Job Corps Partners
Patrick van Rooyen, Project Director for the Job Corps Task Force said that 184 companies have signed up to partner with the New Hampshire Job Corps Center but that there are more opportunities for employers to participate.

"As we prepare our training courses for the New Hampshire Job Corps Center, we welcome employers who are interested in partnerships, mentoring and on-the-job training opportunities," said van Rooyen, a former Job Corps Center Director.

"We would like to see each of the students living and learning at the New Hampshire Job Corps Center to be aligned with a New Hampshire employer so that we can retain graduates of the Center here in New Hampshire."

Job Corps Task Force
Michael Power
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Job Corps Task Force
Patrick van Rooyen
Project Director
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