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MassExcellence  2007 Achievement Awards Presented to Intel and Verizon

The Massachusetts Council for Quality, Inc., MassExcellence, announced their 2007 Awards. Intel Massachusetts located in Hudson and Verizon Partner Solutions – Local Service Delivery of Boston were recognized for their Achievement in Performance Excellence. 

The MassExcellence Achievement in Excellence Award is based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria. MassExcellence, a member-based and member-driven association provides Massachusetts organizations, leaders, and managers a proven framework and methods that enable them to achieve measurable improvements in performance. Recognition is given annually to superior organizations through the prestigious Massachusetts Performance Excellence Award programs.

The Awards were presented by Kay Kendall of Sun Microsystems, President of MassExcellence, and by Marty Meehan the new Chancellor at UMass Lowell where MassExcellence is headquartered. Eagle Stainless Tube and Fabrication of Franklin, MA was also recognized at the Pledge to Performance Excellence Level.

Accepting the Award for Intel was Gadi Divr, Fab 17 Plant Manager and Intel Massachusetts Site General Manager. Intel has had a major manufacturing presence in Hudson, Massachusetts since 1998 where it manufactures chip sets that work in tandem with Intel’s latest microprocessors.  

Verizon’s  Kathleen McLean, Senior Vice President, accepted the award for Verizon Partner Solutions, acknowledged the team’s commitment to customer service as evidenced by the many operational metrics used to track and improve performance.  Verizon Partner Solutions enables a wide variety of competitive services in the telecommunications marketplace by selling capacity on the Verizon wireline network to other telecom companies. 

Bob Bubencik, Sr., Founder and CEO of Eagle Stainless Tube and Fabrication credited its dedicated employees for making it the supplier of choice with its customers. 

Also recognized were all the key individuals from numerous organizations who volunteer and are trained to serve as Examiners and Judges for MassExcellence.    

"Presenting the awards at UMass Lowell is particularly appropriate this year," said Perry Jewell, Executive Director of MassExcellence, "since it is the fifteenth award cycle recognizing Massachusetts companies that achieve the highest level of quality excellence. We are especially pleased that Marty Meehan, the newly appointed Chancellor of UMassLowell, participated in this year’s award presentation"

Mass Excellence’s mission is to recognize excellence in organizations by managing the Massachusetts Performance Excellence Award program. Applicant organizations receive a thorough evaluation by trained, volunteer examiners from all sectors and regions of Massachusetts. These examiners are trained to help applicant organizations identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement. After the completion of these assessments, deserving organizations are recognized and best practices and opportunities for improvement are identified.

MassExcellence is an independent 501 (c-3) corporation. A member-driven association, MassExcellence provides Massachusetts organizations, leaders, and managers a proven framework and methods that enable them to achieve measurable improvements in performance. MassExcellence uses Baldrige-based performance assessment, improvement planning, Performance Excellence training, networking, and sharing best practices. The organization was originally founded in 1992 by Dirk Messelaar of the University and business leaders from throughout the State. Visit our website at http://www.massexcellence.com/

Intel Fab 17 Plant Manager Gad (Gadi) Dvir flanked by Fab 17 employees Jonathan
Saulnier and Melinda Manente.


Intel Fab 17 Plant Manager Gadi Dvir flanked by Kay Kendall, President of BoD,
MassExcellence, and Chancellor Meehan.