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Boston University’s Sensor Network Consortium (SNC) Initiates Efforts to Accelerate Adoption of Sensor Network Technology

Dissemination of research developments and leverage of graduate students promote SN technology transfer

BOSTON, MA. – May 24, 2023 – For immediate release
Contact: Linda Grosser at [email protected], or 617 358 1295

Aiming to drive R & D as well as accelerate adoption of sensor networks, “the Internet of the physical world”, the Sensor Network Consortium is initiating efforts to leverage new research developments, promulgate standards, increase industry access to new ideas and help users more easily evaluate different SN solutions. These and other topics were discussed as Industry and academic researchers of Boston University’s SNC met on May 13 for its first semi-annual meeting of 2005.

"The SNC provides Echelon with a forum for collaborative research with SNC’s faculty and students," according to Michael Tennefoss, Vice President of Marketing of Echelon Corporation. "as well as a valuable sounding board for the application of Echelon technologies across a wide range of industrial smart sensor networks."

Researchers presented recent innovations in critical issues such as sensor network deployment, location detection services, power efficiency, new sensor network programming paradigms and performance evaluation, all of which address critical needs facing industry today and can ultimately accelerate adoption of this technology.

"New techniques in localization, for example", says Yannis Paschalidis, SNC Academic Director, "are critical to accurate location detection of victims in an emergency response situation or finding high value assets in a hospital."

Currently, there are no standard ways to understand how a specific SN solution meets customers requirements, a problem further complicated by the fact the different applications (e.g. industrial vs ecological) might dictate completely different set of performance criteria.

"Industrial sensor networks are driven by reliability, security, and QoS" says Patrick Gonia, Sr Staff Scientist at Honeywell. "Performance metrics being developed in the SNC will improve understanding and enable wide-scale deployment."

Device and sensor networks, the epitome of a pervasive technology, are shaping many activities in society with an endless array of potential applications, ranging from building automation and homeland security to manufacturing, robotics, and healthcare.

Full SNC industry membership comes together twice a year to exchange ideas, engage with affiliated faculty and Ph.D. students, and explore opportunities for mutual alliances in pursuit of industry and/or federally funded research projects.

Expecting to draw over 150 attendees, the Fall gathering of the SNC will include a major symposium targeted at regional industry, venture capitol firms and academia in addition to their private member only meeting.

Industry members include a diverse mix of users, systems integrators and technology providers. These include British Petroleum, Ember Corp, Echelon Corp, INETCO Systems Ltd, Honeywell, L-3 Communications (Henschel and Homeland Security Divisions), Millennial Net, Inc, Mitre Corp, Radianse Inc., Sensicast Systems and Textron Systems. Academic affiliates include faculty throughout three colleges at Boston University as well as Harvard Univiversity, UMASS Amherst and Yale University.

For more information, please contact Linda Grosser, CISE Associate Director, at [email protected], 617 358 1295 or Professor Yannis Paschalidis, SNC Academic Director and CISE Co-Director at [email protected], 617 353 0434, or please visit


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