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Beyond Lean:  Federal Funding Assistance Available for Commercialization, Product Development, and Technology Transfer

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Beyond Lean: Federal Funding Assistance Available for Commercialization, Product Development, and Technology Transfer

By Greg King, H1B Program Manager, MassMEP


Federal Funding Assistance Available for your company in the areas of COMMERCIALIZATION, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT and TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER


The Advanced Technical Skills Development Program provides innovative workforce development opportunities in technology transfer, product or process innovation and commercialization to Massachusetts’ businesses.  This exciting new program is the first of its kind in Massachusetts that matches workforce technology training requirements with new technologies developed at university, national and federal laboratories. 


The Advanced Technical Skills Development Program is all about helping your business achieve and sustain long-term success by accessing new technologies and investing in your greatest asset – your workforce. 


Make an investment in the future of your company. 


Many of Massachusetts MEP’s clients have long recognized that if they are going to remain competitive in a fast paced global economy they must:

·                  Embrace continuous technological advancements

·                  Be persistently innovative

·                  Be willing to provide up-to-date skills and state-of-the-art tools to their Technical Professional staff to meet the

                   challenges of constant technological changes.

·                  Develop new, “first generation” commercial products and processes.


Policy makers in the Commonwealth have also recognized the importance of innovation and R&D to the state’s future economic development.


"These industries will not just pick up where they left off in 2000. We need the kind of radical innovations from Massachusetts entrepreneurs that fueled rapid growth and economic opportunity in the 1990s.” stated Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Executive Director Mitchell Adams, and "We in Massachusetts must actively bolster the state’s comparative strengths in R&D, innovation, venture capital and education, or risk becoming an ‘also ran’ in the global innovation economy," said Dr. Patricia Flynn, trustee professor of Economics and Management, Bentley College.


The following illustrate how the $2.9M grant from the U.S. Department of Labor awarded to the Central Massachusetts Regional Employment Board and the Massachusetts MEP can assist you to cut the costs associated with some of your most critical activities.


Technology Assessment and Road Mapping – the process of benchmarking your business and production practices with other enterprises and developing a Strategic Technology Plan as well as a Workforce Development Plan for your company
Technology Matchmaking, Technology Transfer and Workforce Development – utilize the Strategic Technology Plan and the Workforce Development Plan to match your company’s needs with technologies available from university, national and federal laboratories, conduct the transfer of knowledge or technology assets and train incumbent workers to integrate the technology into your business.
Commercialization Activities and Training – Leverages new innovation and workforce development activities in the program to bring significant bottom line impact to your business.  These activities may include commercialization of products or process improvements, market research, business planning, and marketing communications plans. 


Funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, this is a unique partnership between the Central Massachusetts Regional Employment Board and the Massachusetts MEP, in collaboration with the WPI Bioengineering Institute, Marine Ocean Technology Network and Massachusetts Telecommunications Council.


The Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP) can assist your company in cost sharing program supporting technology innovation, product development, and training degreed technical professional staff.


Learn how your company can take advantage of this innovative funding opportunity.  Contact the MassMEP, H-1B Program Manager, Gregory King, 508 831-7020 or [email protected] to schedule an appointment with a program representative to provide an on-site introduction to the program.  A MassMEP project manager will set up an appointment to visit your company to provide more detailed information on this program.  They will assist you with completion of a short application for consideration and help you define a scope of services that meets the unique needs of your company.


It is a short process to make a large investment in your company and your workforce.