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Manufacturing Business Survey 2005

Please choose only three market forces from the list below that will pose the greatest problem to you and your company in the upcoming year.

Lack of Market Growth
Changes in Supply Chain Systems
Changes in Competition
Changes in Foreign Competition from China or other (please specify)
Access to Capital
Access to Skilled Employees
Lack of Pricing Power
Impact of the Internet
Regulatory Issues, such as environment, safety (please specify)
Increasing Costs of Operation
Other (please specify)

Please choose only three operations issues that are of the greatest concern to you and your company in the upcoming year.

Improving Productivity
Reducing Cost of Manufacturing (Lean Manufacturing)
Maintaining Health Care Coverage
Customer Retention
Supply Chain Management of Your Suppliers
Developing Product Innovation and Communications
Improving Technology Processes
Improving IT Systems
Managing a Maturing Workforce
Other (please specify)

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