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Shout Out from a Social Distance to K+K Thermoforming

by Lisa Derby Oden, Project Development Coordinator, MassMEP

"It's been challenging, to say the least, but also very rewarding. Seeing our team members rise to the occasion, and do it with great attitude and energy despite very long days and an ever changing demanding landscape is very satisfying," said Dave Keller, President of K&K Thermoforming in Southbridge, MA.

Dave took a few precious moments to share what it's been like to be part of the COVID-19 response. "Everybody here has been on board with this and has responded, yes, let's do this. It's not as much about making the product as it is about helping the cause."

Shout Out from a Social Distance to K+K ThermoformingK+K ThermoForming is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, family-owned, custom thermoformer that has been  designing and manufacturing protective packaging since 1984. They got started with the idea of manufacturing two kinds of face shields in mid-March. They had produced a similar product back in the mid-90's when AIDS was really hitting its stride, so the decision to get into making face shields again was familiar territory.

According to Dave, "The whole process, materials, and designs came together in about a week. We have produced about 125k to date and they are mostly going to health care professionals both locally and across the country. We have the capacity to produce up to 100k per week. Each day brings new challenges including supply chain, acquiring needed equipment, and logistics of rapid expansion to two shifts."

At a time when so many businesses are having to layoff or furlough employees, K+K ThermoForming has been able to keep all its employees as well as added several with its expansion to a second shift.

To learn more about K+K Thermoforming, visit their website at: www.k-kthermoforming.com.

Our hats off and sincere thanks go to K+K Thermoforming for not hesitating and to dive right in and help to tackle the PPE needs to battle COVID-19.

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