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New AMP Program Educates Students on Careers in Manufacturing

By John Killam, President and CEO, MassMEP

John Killam, President, MassMEP

Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP) has announced "All Made Possible" (AMP), an education and workforce development initiative established by MassMEP to introduce upcoming generations to the various career disciplines within the manufacturing industry and the opportunities of the future.

"MassMEP is excited to continue to build awareness of careers in manufacturing and expand the reach of opportunities," said John Killam, MassMEP President.

In collaboration with the University of Massachusetts school system and local manufacturers, AMP will provide middle school and high school students with an educational experience that accurately reflects the current state of manufacturing, showcases the sector's modern advances in technology, and leads talented students to an array of pathways into advanced manufacturing.

The 6-week pilot program is scheduled to launch November 13, 2019, at Ottoson Middle School, Arlington, MA. Through partnerships with UMass Lowell and iRobot, Bedford, MA, the first class of 8th grade students will address and solve the challenges of the future using the power of emerging technologies, an entrepreneurial mindset, and teamwork.

The program begins its expansion this Winter with the addition of new participating school districts and manufacturing partners.

"We are proud to work with forward-thinking partners who share our vision to support the future of advanced manufacturing. We are focused on the effort to serve as a bridge between academia and industry, bringing together diverse perspectives to develop the next-generation workforce," said Sean Killam, MassMEP Entrepreneur Programs Director.

AMP will serve as a gateway to talent for Massachusetts's manufacturing community by providing future generations with the opportunities needed to fulfill the advanced technology career pathways of the 21st century.

About MassMEP
MassMEP, part of the NIST MEP National Network, is a leading resource for manufacturing companies that believes in cultivating a community built on support, idea sharing, and achievement. MassMEP creates economic impact by transforming manufacturing enterprises and the manufacturing ecosystem. This is achieved through the delivery of operational excellence programs, workforce development strategies, and innovative growth initiatives, and enhanced by strategic public/private relationships.

For more information, visit www.massmep.org and follow MassMEP on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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