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The Carrot Project and Turner Hill Malting Company

Darrell Turner grew up on his family's dairy farm in South Egremont, MA, and holds an engineering degree. Keeping his eye on trends in the market, Darrell realized that due to the decline in the dairy industry he had to create another income stream to ensure his family farm's future. In talking with a local bar owner, Darrell discovered that most of the locally-brewed beers were not necessarily locally-sourced. The raw materials, specifically the barley, came from the mid-west or beyond because there were so few New England-based malt houses. With that, Darrell looked to The Carrot Project for a microloan to open his own malting company.

The Carrot Project and Turner Hill Malting CompanyTo get started, Darrell needed to design and build a 15' x 15' small-capacity malt house capable of producing test batches of malted barley.

After submitting a business plan to The Carrot Profit, a nonprofit that supports local agricultural businesses, the organization provided Darrell with a modest amount of capital that enabled him to build his prototype malt house, which is mostly automated. Meanwhile, Darrell was able to establish sales relationships with two local breweries with several others interested in trying his product, once he is able to step up production enough to take on more customers.

Now fully operational, Turner Hill Malting Company is one of two malt houses in New England supplying local breweries with the primary raw materials for their recipes. The malt house is producing approximately 300 lbs. batches per week. With a goal to continue expanding to meet the growing demand, Darrell would eventually need a larger malting facility that includes more storage - likely a grain silo. He plans to continue to find niche opportunities outside of dairying to ensure ongoing success for his family's farm.

About the Small Business Technical Assistance Grant Program
The Small Business Technical Assistance Grant Program funds the delivery of critical services to employers to grow and thrive in Massachusetts. The competitive grants are awarded to economic development organizations to provide:

  1. Customized technical assistance for small businesses
  2. Training to fill gaps in the business skills of owners and managers
  3. Access to capital to start and grow the business
  4. Resources and mini-grants to contract professional services such as accounting and marketing

The Carrot Project is a grant recipient of the Fiscal Year 2019 Small Business Technical Assistance Grant Program. The total funding awarded in these grants to 40 nonprofit organizations was $2,000,000. Grant amounts ranged from $10,000 to $120,000. For over 13 years, The Carrot Project has worked with farm and food businesses supporting their successes by helping them build the financial management skills to help their businesses thrive.

Find out more about The Carrot Project: thecarrotproject.org.

Learn more about the Small Business Technical Assistance Grant Program and other success stories. www.empoweringsmallbusiness.org.

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