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Manufacturers Face an Increase in Cyber Attacks in 2019

By Tom Andrellos, MassMEP Director of Growth Services

Based on a recent report from the Manufacturing Leadership Council, "Cyber Risk: The 4.0 Dilemma," cybersecurity attacks are predicted to rise and become potentially more disruptive in 2019 as companies deploy smart technology, interconnected systems, and sensors across their production facilities. Most companies see this as the #1 critical issue that requires constant and consistent focused resources and funding dedicated to ensure that these threats are risk mitigated against attackers.

Manufacturers Face an Increase in Cyber Attacks in 2019

MassMEP is well versed and equipped to help small & medium size manufacturers with specific cyber risk mitigation plans and NIST 800-171 DFARS compliance assessments. MassMEP's provides comprehensive solutions and funding options to help with this critical and challenging situation.

Please contact Tom Andrellos toma@massmep.org for more information.

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