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Workforce Strategies

Want to Grow Your Business But Don't Know Where to Start?

Consider one of MassMEP's Workforce Strategy programs or Training Grants.

MassMEP improves employees' skills and grows top line revenues for Massachusetts manufacturers. Our team of experts can help you unleash your company's growth potential. We'll work with your team to analyze your business' needs, then help develop and implement a sustainable roadmap to improve your company's top and bottom lines.

Workforce Strategies
MassMEP helps manufacturing business in Massachusetts expand, increase productivity, and retain skilled employees through numerous strategic programs. These include training on problem solving, leadership training, idea systems, standard work, job instructions, job methods, and visual management.

We offer:

  • Mechanical Systems Skills Training (MSST) – Blended learning solution for automated manufacturing training that uses the same industrial-strength equipment found in factory operations. Ideal for shop floor personal or maintenance mechanics, MSST offers 24 hours of training modules. Trainees will learn: machine shafts and keys, bearings, belt and chain drives, machine shaft couplings, gear drives, machine speed reducers, electric breaks, and mechanical components.

  • On the Job Training & Apprenticeships – MassMEP works with you to develop and implement an effective training plan designed to meet your business' specific needs. We can help you assess and leverage the skills of your current workforce to ensure an experienced and skilled staff. Our goal is to help you offer the most effective training that can help you realize reduced training time and cost, increase job satisfaction, and improve performance and quality.

  • Manufacturing Occupational Skills Training (MOST) – Our MOST system incorporates a training-to-certification pathway to build your employees' manufacturing technical skills, all while having minimal impact on productivity. Plus, it saves your business money!

    MOST is a unique, subscription-based training that lets you take as many classes as you want to train as many people as needed. Training topics include:

    Shop Math, Blueprint Reading, Metrology and Quality Inspection;
    Basic CNC Mill and/or Lathe Operation;
    Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing;
    Statistical Process Control; and
    G Code for Mills and/or Lathes.

  • Skills Pathway – MassMEP offers a pathway for training success. We assess your workforce's current skill level (pre-training assessment) and build a strategic training plan that helps increase productivity and quality while reducing overtime and rework. Next, your employees build skills through our cost-effective, flexible, classroom and/or online training options. After training, we help you validate that the training has met its purpose by testing to make sure that competencies have been achieved. Finally, each trainee whose skills have been validated receives certification and the ability to move forward on a career pathway.

  • Manufacturing Advancement Center Workforce Innovation Collaborative (MACWIC) – MACWIC is a dynamic group of companies that work together to identify workforce-related business needs and to design appropriate solutions. Build your workforce and business along with more than 250 members, who, combined, represent more than 28,000 employees and over 20% of Massachusetts' manufacturing revenue.

Training Grants
In addition to highly effective workforce development programs, MassMEP offers training grants that address productivity and competitiveness by providing resources to train current and newly-hired employees. Two programs are available for Massachusetts businesses that hold a Massachusetts Certificate of Good Standing. These include:

  • The Express Program: for companies with 100 or fewer employees, pre-registered courses. Up to $3,000 per employee per course with a maximum of $30,000 per company per calendar year.

  • The General Program: for Massachusetts employers of all sizes. This competitive training grant provides funding up to $250,000 to employers, employer organizations, labor organizations, training providers, and consortia of such entities to train current and newly hired workers. Training must be completed within two years of the award. Awardees may use any training provider and most types of training are eligible (OHSA training is ineligible).

Find out more about MassMEP workforce training programs.


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