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Get Involved in a Manufacturing USA Institute for Access to Facilities, Expertise, and IP

By John Killam, President, MassMEP

John Killam, President, MassMEP

The Manufacturing USA program seeks to address the complex, manufacturing-related technology transition challenges that arise between early stage research and technology adoption. Each institute addresses a focused manufacturing technology area. Each is a public-private partnership with representatives from industry, academia, state and local governments, and the Federal government that co-invest in world-leading, technologies and capabilities. Massachusetts is unique in that the Commonwealth is home to or invested in 5 of the 14 institutes. MassMEP has developed a working relationship with all 14 institutes.

Small and mid-sized manufacturers can get involved by:

  • Becoming members of an institute. Membership in most institutes is tiered to be more affordable to small companies. Membership tiers provide different levels of access to institute facilities, expertise, and IP, as well as benefits like involvement in institute governance, technical roadmapping, and marketplaces or technical commons.

  • Partnering with other companies and universities to bid on R&D "project calls" issued by the institutes.

  • Receiving training and toolkits from your local Manufacturing Extension Partnership center when they have been made available. For example, toolkits to help companies adopt digital manufacturing technologies will be available soon.

Manufacturing USAA recent study by Deloitt found that "Manufacturing USA is a valid approach grounded in a portfolio of technology-centric Institutes. The public-private partnership Institute-based model attracts significant and meaningful participation from industry (including large companies and small enterprises), academia, and local, state, and federal government. Institute members have made substantial joint investments in collaborative approaches to R&D and commercialization of cutting-edge advanced manufacturing technologies."

To find out how your company can get involved, contact MassMEP or visit our web site: https://massmep.org/manufacturing-usa/

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