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Job Opportunity

Quality Assurance Manager, Proxy Inc., Metheun, MA

Quality Assurance Manager-ISO-9001. Contract Manufacturing in Electronics and Electro Mechanical.


  • Manage the quality assurance departments.
  • Establish and maintain company compliance to ISO-9001 and ensure inspection standards to meet IPC and J-Standard required by customers. Departments included are Process Engineers, Incoming inspection, AOI inspection and FQA inspection.
  • Achieve quality assurance operational objectives by generating metric analysis for the necessary departments for review; finding root causes and issuing internal correction if needed and make recommendations to improve existing manufacturing processes.
  • Identify and document non-compliant incoming materials and determine their disposition.
  • Validate new products quality processes by
    • Establishing product specifications and quality attributes
    • Measuring production
    • Documenting evidence
    • Determining operational and performance qualification
    • Writing and updating quality assurance procedures.
  • Maintain Quality Manual updates and accuracy by reviewing system, complying with processes and meeting procedures.
  • Responsible for preparing quality documentation and reports for all corrective actions to suppliers, customers and internal employees.
  • Responsible for all departments' compliance with quality policy and internal auditing.
  • Accomplishes quality assurance human resource objectives by, selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, and coaching; communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing job contributions.

This position requires excellent computer fluency, verbal communication abilities, strategic planning, analytical/technical writing skills, and interpersonal skills. The ability to manage multiple projects is a must.

Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineer, Electronic Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, or related, 3 years of related experience. Experience can be gained professionally or through academic coursework.

To apply, send resume to jobs@proxyinc.com.

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