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MassMEP Introduces MOST: Manufacturing Occupational Skills Training

By John Killam, President, MassMEP

Finally...something different. MassMEP and the MACWIC have created a new workforce training model.

Let MassMEP show you how you can train your employees in manufacturing technical skills, with minimal impact on production...all while saving money. The Applied Manufacturing Technology Pathway Certification (the MACWIC pyramid) has been the gold standard for the past 12 years in pre-employment training.

It is now available for your current workforce.


Train Smarter.

Join the program and send employees to as many, or as few, classes as you need. Instead of higher reps, the goal is higher skill levels, better on-time delivery, and higher quality. We provide the trainers and will even do a pre-training competency assessment. Only utilize the classes that you need to meet your operational metrics.

Here's the really great part. The training slot belongs to the company and not an individual employee. Send whomever needs the training...or take a pass at a particular time because you need all hands on deck to meet production numbers.

Open enrollment. Classes start October 2, 2017.

Download your copy of the program brochure

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