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In Memory of Jack Healy

By John Killam, President, MassMEP

Jack HealyAt the end of April, MassMEP said a final goodbye to Jack Healy. Jack was the president of MassMEP since 1998. During that time, he changed the way manufacturing is thought of in Massachusetts.

Often referred to as the "Voice of Manufacturing," he will be missed and fondly remembered by all who knew him. He was serious when needed, but also had a fun side and was always willing to provide insightful comments and anecdotes. Jack is pictured below after the Red Sox lost a pivotal game to the Yankees. A die-hard Yankees fan, he was also willing to admit when the better team won a game or he met a comparable adversary in business.

Even though he retired in June 2016, Jack stayed on top of happenings within manufacturing and continued to be an advisor to MassMEP.

Here are a few comments folks sent us when they learned about Jack's passing:

I will remember Jack as a passionate champion for our Commonwealth's manufacturers, but he was so much more than that. He was an award-winning business leader, innovator, volunteer, and father. He was also a true leader for our community – a person that always strove to help us maintain a strong economy full of happy and healthy families. Jack HealyTo that end, I recall with fondness him meeting with me during my first week on the job here at the CMWIB. Over a coffee he asked me how I saw myself as I transitioned in to the position. I demurred and started mumbling something when he jumped in to tell me, "You are now a leader. You need to stand up for this region – both the employers and the people that live and work here – don't ever forget that." It profoundly impacted me that day and has stayed with me ever since.

Thanks again Jack for all you did for our region – rest in peace.

Our deepest sympathies! He made a difference!

I have some wonderful memories of Jack - with many laughs. He will surely be missed by me and by many others, I am certain.  

Rest in Peace, Jack. I am sure you continue to regale all who will listen with your stories.

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