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How to Succeed in a Government Regulated Industry

The Blount family has been in the food business since 1880. Blount Fine Foods features a premium product line that includes refrigerated and frozen premium soups, sauces, sides, and entrees for sale at restaurants, clubs, and grocery stores. Based in Fall River, Blount's background in seafood has established the company as the largest producer of Clam Chowder and Lobster Bisque in New England.

Situation: Blount Fine Foods enjoyed steady market share over the past few years and wanted to concentrate on customer retention rather than expansion. In addition, their product quality always put them in the upper cost tier at the retail level and it was important to control operational costs while adhering to government regulations in an ever-evolving industry. The company recognized the need to continuously develop and engage their staff in order to maintain high levels of quality assurance while controlling costs.

Solution: Blount used a Workforce Training Grant to enlist the services of several training providers to focus on Communication and Leadership training, Microbial Awareness training, HACCP Certification training, coaching and Team Building, and Train the Trainer to develop in-house instructors.

Increased Jobs: 114 new jobs
Improved Productivity: Increased efficiency by reducing production waste by 15%
Increased/Retained Sales: Exceeded sales projections by 38%
Training: 16 employees became HACCP Certified (Hazard Awareness Critical Control Panel)

"The Workforce Training Grant not only allowed us to expand the skill sets of our current employees, it has also given us the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to our staff, as both team members and as individuals for their own development. In today's business environment, it has never been more crucial to retain a workforce and invest in a partnership for the long term. This grant allowed us this opportunity and it has made a strong team even stronger." – Todd Blount, President, Blount Fine Foods

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