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Tour Highlights Commonwealth's Vocational Technical Schools

By David Ferreira, Executive Director, Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators

A delegation of CTE (Career Technical Education) educators from Anchorage, Alaska recently visited four vocational technical schools in the Commonwealth. The focus of the visit was to learn about the various successful Chapter 74 delivery models used in Massachusetts. The state was recommended for the visit due to its high quality programming and national ranking as the premier vocational technical education system in the country. The delegation spent half of each day in two schools, touring the facilities, learning about scheduling options and about our State VT Frameworks.

The participating schools included:

A sincere thank you to our host schools, their students, and the staff for their hospitality and the wealth of information provided to the delegation. Particular thanks is extended to David Fiandaca, Mark Wood, Ernie Houle, and John Lafleche who coordinated the visit at the school level. In addition, John coordinated the entire visit with our friends from Alaska and participated in all of the school visits during the two day period.

The delegation left with a tremendous amount of information and resources and an excitement of replicating some of the strategies and scheduling techniques that has made Massachusetts' vocational technical education such a success. Questions about the visit can be addressed to John Lafleche or Dave Ferreira.

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