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Generating Impact Through Manufacturing Growth

By John Killam, President, MassMEP

John Killam, President, MassMEPMassMEP is part of the national Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) program that has 51 Centers in the U.S., one in each state plus Puerto Rico. MEP Centers provide assistance to primarily small and medium sized manufacturing businesses to help them improve their productivity. Of the 51 centers, MassMEP is continually ranked among the top 15 in each of the measured categories.

MassMEP Centers provide services such as assistance with product development, tools and resources for business expansion, and business continuity planning, which contribute to cost savings, new investments, and improved products and processes. These improvements increase the profitability and competitiveness of the client firms, which in turn improves the economy by creating jobs, increasing earnings, and expanding the tax base.

Learn more about how your local MEP Center, MassMEP, can help you. Visit our web site at www.massmep.org or contact us directly at kathiem@massmep.org

MassMEP Impact Report

Generating Impact Through Manufacturing Growth

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