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No-Cost Online Training for MACWIC Member Companies

MassMEP and WPI are making their online learning productivity tool, LearnCNCâ„¢, available at no cost for MACWIC member companies. Your employees can take one class, like blueprint reading or precision measurement, or take the whole suite and become MACWIC certified.

  • MACWIC Level 1 modules include: Safety for Machining, Shop Math I, Shop Math II, Reading Manufacturing Blueprints, and Precision Measurement Devices.
  • MACWIC Level 2 modules include: CNC Lathe Set-Up, CNC Lathe Programming, CNC Milling Machine Set-Up, CNC Milling Machine Programming, and Speeds and Feeds.

Used by thousands of manufacturers, the LearnCNCâ„¢ Virtual Training Environment combines powerful "flight simulator" technology with a flexible internet-based learning content management system to deliver a truly innovative learning experience. Unlimited access to train and rehearse in the Virtual Training Environment enables learners to develop greater confidence and proficiency prior to operating equipment and performing actual procedures.

Download the No Cost Manufacturing Training brochure.

Details on the LearnCNC program.

To become a MACWIC member organization, apply here.

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