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Nov 2: Meeting at MIT for Companies Interested in the Transformative Field of Integrated Photonics

Are you interested in learning about business opportunities in the emerging field of integrated photonics? Do you work in optics, electronics, photonics, or a related field?

Join us at MIT Wednesday, November 2nd for the first gathering of regional companies hosted by AIM Photonics Academy. We'll be discussing the AIM Integrated Photonics Supply Chain.

AIM Integrated Photonics Supply Chain
November 2, 2016
Marriott Boston, Cambridge, MA

AIM Photonics is a public-private partnership created to bring cutting-edge knowledge on designing and manufacturing photonic integrated circuits into companies and classrooms. It released and continues to update a roadmap for this transformative field – providing guidance to mimic the successes the electronics industry achieved over the last 40 years. Integrated photonics offers exciting solutions for data centers, and the automotive, medical, and sensor marketplaces, and will help capture global manufacturing leadership in a technology that is essential to the U.S. economy.

AIM Photonics is creating a national photonics integrated circuit manufacturing infrastructure to meet market demands with practical, innovative solutions. It can help your small or medium business find opportunities in this field.

Registration is required, and is now open:

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