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Innovative Growth Solutions

Manufacturing Innovation Grants Program

Under MassDevelopment's Manufacturing Innovation Grant program, Massachusetts manufacturers with 100 or fewer employees can connect with one of four Innovation Centers -- Algonquin Industries, Inc.; Boston Engineering Corporation; Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT); and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).

  • The CCAT Innovation Center works with four types of projects: metal additive manufacturing, ultra high quality multi-material (plastics) 3D printing, precision machining solutions and optimization, and reverse engineering geometry and solid model creation.

  • The Boston Engineering Innovation Center provides product development and engineering services that span from ideation through supply chain development. Project work includes product optimization, product lifecycle management, and process improvements.

  • The WPI Center for Innovative Manufacturing Solutions brings expertise in the areas of industrial engineering, operations management, financial modeling, equipment justification, technology commercialization, and Lean Six Sigma, along with traditional areas of marketing strategy and development, accounting, and finance.

  • The Algonquin Industries Innovation Center focuses on precision machining, production machining, and CNC precision machining. Facilities include CNC milling, turning, grinding, drilling, programming, cleaning and inspection.

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