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Precision Engineering Celebrates Manufacturing Day 2014

Precision Engineering celebrated Manufacturing Day 2014 with tours of its Uxbridge manufacturing facility for local high school students. Students from Blackstone-Millville Regional High School and Uxbridge High School learned that today's modern manufacturing company is built upon the foundation of skilled employees, proficient in a wide variety of applications -- from "geometry and trigonometry" to "chemistry and physics" to "computer programming and robotics."
In coordination with the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation, and in partnership with the National Park Service, Precision Engineering opened its doors to young adults, interested in careers in manufacturing.

Precision Engineering Celebrates Manufacturing Day 2014

Stressing the importance of "a good education", President Liora Stone, reminded students that "when you're sitting in your trig or geometry or physics class and wondering 'when will I ever use this stuff?', we're going to show you that you're going to use it, every day, right here on the factory floor."
Encouraging students to engage with all members of Precision Engineering's team, Vice President Peter Stone stressed the importance of producing high quality product at a cost-effective price, including accurately measuring and comprehensively inspecting parts.
Upon being welcomed, each guest was given a money clip, designed and fabricated by Precision Engineering. The tour followed the manufacturing process of the money clip - from part programming to laser cutting to bending and forming to hardware insertion to powder coating. Several students were given the opportunity to practice part programming, and all students were encouraged to explore the many facets of the manufacturing floor.

Precision Engineering Celebrates Manufacturing Day 2014

The Blackstone River Valley is historically known as the "Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution," and, located right in the heart of the valley, Precision Engineering is leading the way forward for the resurgence of manufacturing back to America.
Precision Engineering Inc is a certified woman-owned manufacturer of custom metal components, enclosures, and assemblies. Currently certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Precision is in the process of seeking additional certification to AS9100C.

For more information on Manufacturing Day, visit http://www.mfgday.com.

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