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QCC Joins "Get Skills to Work" Coalition to Help Transitioning Veterans

Quinsigamond Community College has joined the Get Skills to Work (GSTW) coalition, in collaboration with GE, Alcoa, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, The Manufacturing Institute, and over 500 manufacturers. QCC's participation in the initiative will further expand training opportunities for U.S. veterans in advanced manufacturing.

With hundreds of thousands of open jobs, the manufacturing industry can play a key role in helping veterans return to the civilian workforce. However, according to a recent report by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF), there are currently 1.9 million unemployed veterans nationwide, and more than 69 percent of veterans cite "finding a job" as the greatest challenge to transitioning back to the civilian world.

"The Manufacturing Institute is proud to be partnering with QCC to make its investments in veterans and workforce training have a real impact in communities across the country, "said Jennifer McNelly, president, The Manufacturing Institute. "Working with QCC, we will help create real opportunities for transitioning service members to get the skills they need to access in-demand manufacturing jobs."

Founded in October 2012, the GSTW coalition helps veterans and employers translate military skills to in-demand advanced manufacturing positions, accelerate skills training for U.S. veterans, and empower employers with tools to recruit, onboard, and mentor veterans.

With support from its partners and growing member base, the GSTW program will help 15,000 veterans translate military experience to corresponding advanced manufacturing opportunities. The coalition is seeking additional partners and has set a goal of hiring 100,000 veterans by 2015.

Organizations interested in learning more about this effort can visit http://www.getskillstowork.org/

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