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Keeping the Middle-Market Growth Engine Humming

Until very recently, the middle-market just hasn't gotten the respect it deserves. The performance of midsized firms following the recent global economic downturn, however, has been extremely impressive as statistics compiled by the National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM) reveal. At last, people are beginning to take note.

With many industry experts forecasting lackluster growth for as far as the eye can see and a host of other challenges threatening growth, middle-market firms, like all companies, need to consider new strategies that will help position them to thrive – not merely survive.

Three proven growth drivers – concepts many forward-thinking midsized companies have already embraced – just might be what your organization needs to help keep your growth engine humming.

  • Transform your business through investments in improved technology and processes
  • Tap into new domestic or international markets by expanding through strategic acquisitions, alliances, or partnerships
  • Commit to managing risks across the enterprise

The future is rarely clear. Challenges are constant. But despite today's uncertain economic climate, opportunities for growth exist. And no segment of the business community is better equipped to deal effectively and efficiently with change than the middle market.

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Keeping the Middle-Market Growth Engine Humming: Three Key Growth Drivers to Consider

MassMEP has successfully assisted small to mid size manufacturers grow their businesses with programs that identify and mitigate risk, expand markets, and integrate new technologies. If you are looking for long-term, sustainable growth for your business and would like to learn more about our Growth Solutions Programs, contact Greg King, Innovation Program Manger, MassMEP, email: gregoryk@massmep.org.

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