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Team Massachusetts Economic Impact Awards: Nominations Due July 11, 2008

This year the Massachusetts Alliance for Economic Development is hosting the 5th Annual Team Massachusetts Economic Impact Awards. The event, held in Boston in November, attracts over 400 attendees to hear good news about companies in Massachusetts. The companies selected to receive the award are based on a positive impact on the state’s economy through job creation, financial investment, and community involvement.

As always, MAED is looking for help to find great companies in Massachusetts. Please note the attached Nomination Form, and if you know of a company or organization that has expanded in Massachusetts since January 1, 2007 please fill out the form and e-mail it to jgiovino@massecon.com or fax: (781) 489-6263.  Also note there are many great sponsorship opportunities available for the event. 

If you have any questions please contact Joey Giovino at (781) 489-6262 x13.

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