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Letter to the Editor: New England's Transportation Woes

Good piece on the dire straits of NE transportation, an issue which my organization has been asking the New England Council and the NEGC to take up for 15 years. Thank goodness Deval Patrick "gets it," as does Tim Murray, who is really tuned into logistics.

I thought you might appreciate a recent version of our white paper on this subject, "The New England/Northeastern Infrastructure Initiative: Laying the Foundation for the Mega-Region's Renaissance." It first appeared, in a shorter form, in Connections, the magazine of the New England Board of Higher Education, in the Summer of 1993. It takes a while for people to catch on, sometimes even when their businesses are failing all around them. I'd say we had better get moving beyond the "study" stage, and pronto.

Jim RePass
President & CEO
The National Corridors Initiative

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