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Support for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership FY07 Funding  

[The following is a copy of a March 31, 2006 letter sent to Senators Kennedy and Kerry, and Congressmen Capuano, Delahunt, Frank, Lynch, Markey, McGovern, Meehan, Neal, and Tierney]

On behalf of almost 2,000 of our member companies who are manufacturers, I want to thank you for your continued support to ensure that the National Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) receives an adequate level of funding in the Fiscal Year (FY) 07 budget.  

Locally over the years, A.I.M.'s Manufacturing Institute has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP), promoting lean manufacturing practices, innovation, technology transfer, and supply chain management assistance. We have seen first-hand how MassMEP's services and consulting have helped manufacturers to become more productive, efficient, and innovative in a very competitive international marketplace.      

Since the majority of manufacturers in the Commonwealth employ 50 or fewer people, it is imperative that the services provided by MassMEP continue, in order to help these smaller enterprises to implement continuous improvement programs and practices in order to achieve required gains in efficiency and productivity to improve margins and offset high operating costs. Without continued implementation of best practices, training, and product innovation through R&D and technology transfer, we run the risk of seeing the additional loss of good paying jobs both in Massachusetts and the nation.

Thank you once again for supporting continued funding for the MEP program.  

Richard C. Lord
President and Chief Executive Officer

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