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Worcester State College Builds Export Support for Massachusetts Manufacturers

Worcester State College's Center for Business and Industry has partnered with three regional organizations to provide support, research, training, and consultation to Massachusetts businesses engaged in building international trade in their products and services.

First is a partnership with the Manufacturing Advancement Center, which has a record of assisting manufacturer's in marketing their products, among other services. Second, GBDC, Global Business Development Center, has partnered with and will utilize the successful model of the John H. Chafee Center for International Business at Bryant University, which currently provides similar products and services for Rhode Island businesses.

Third, GBDC has partnered with the Massachusetts Export Center to exploit synergies with this established deliverer of export services. First among these has been the location of the Central Massachusetts Program Director of Mass Export at Worcester State College, offering new Central Massachusetts businesses an export resource while extending the services of Mass Export.

Funding for the GBDC and its services will be pursued through grant sources with a view to seeding Center activities to become self supporting. The Center for Business and Industry will take the leadership in pursuing the funding, establishing the partnerships, and identifying and managing adjunct and grant-supported personnel to run the GBDC programs during its development phase. Information about GBDC is available from the director of the Center for Business and Industry, Dan Nicholes, at dnicholes@worcester.edu or (508) 929-8126.

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